M.B. International Public School

Vision & Mission

Vision of the School

To create a platform for the students at 10+2 level as well as at college level (according to the capacity of the management) to take a leap forward in the modern world and be a part of professional lives- doctors, engineers, lawyers and administrators while embracing Sikh values.

The SEFTT intends to help its students in civil services and provide the best of coachings, by the grace of ‘Guru’- His lordship Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Our Mission

Our aim is to enable boys and girls to develop their individual potential through exposure to a holistic range of academic, sporting, creativity and cultural activities. Our primary goal is for our students to acquire the Knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to produce well-adjusted, self-confident young boys and girls prepared for the academic, social and life challenges of the future.