M.B. International Public School


Prefectorial System
The entire school is divided into four houses:
Hari Singh Nalwa House
Bibi Sharan Kaur House
Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha Housee
The House enables the students of different ages to work together for cultural, sports and social activities and is the basis of inter house competition. The head boy and head girl along with house prefects and house captains constitute the student concil. this system provides the students with traning in leadership and self government. the council is actively invilved in the day working of the school.
Topics for Board Decoration (House Wise)
Month Topic
April Spring Season
May Labour day
July Science
August Independence Day
September Teacher's Day
October Diwali
November Indian Festivity
December Christmax,Martyrdom of Four Sahibjada's
January Magi
Fabruary All the best for Exams
Inter House Wise Competition
Month Day Name of The Competition Class
April, 2021 12-4-2021 Inter House Baisakhi Science Presentation 6-10
May, 2021 20-5-2021
Conservation of water
Colouring activity
Slogan writing activity Conservation of energy slogan writing and poster making activity
May, 2021 26-5-2021 G.K. Quiz 3-5
July, 2021 28-7-2021 World Natural Canservation 6-10
September,2021 23-9-2021 Science Quiz 3-5
October,2021 7-10-2021
Creative Writing-english
Mathematical Quiz
November, 2021 1-11-2021 English Debate 6-10
December , 2021 22-12-2021 G.K Quiz 6-10
January, 2021 20-01-2021 Science Quiz 6-10