M.B. International Public School

School Profile

The school in situated on the outskirts of Tarn-Taran city, on the G.T. Road linking Amritsar with Ferozpur It has a magnificent building with spacious class rooms and laboratories. Besides having a Huge and extensive building, the school prides in its having spacious lawns and grounds of badminton, basketball and volleyball. A unique feature pertinent to mention here.

Mai Bhago International Public School, Usma, Tarn Taran was started by Sikh Educational Forum Tarn Taran (SEFTT) in the year 2012. A group of the persons with Zeal for Sikhism intend to go for a new opening where Sikh ideals and philosophy can be inculcated into the new generation so that teaching and values preached by Sikh Gurus can be kept alive.

It is an initiative to promote the Sikh way of thinking and an attempt to produce the talented generation who can compete with the best in India across the globe.

It is pertinent to note that Sikh Educational Forum Tarn Taran has sought affiliation from ICSE board, New Delhi, which is managed and controlled by Christian community in India and standard of education in which is considered to be higher as compared to other boards. The zeal of the management (SEFTT) can be taken note of from the fact that within aspen of 6 years the school has reached upto 10+2 grade & recued recognition from by the ISC board-Senior board of ICSE, New Delhi. It is within a span of six years that Sikh Educational Forum Tarn Taran could achieve this mark, when although the Christian schools running in Tarn Taran for the last 50 years could not bring education at the senior secondary level as has

been done by Sikh Educational Forum Tarn Taran (SEFTT). The efforts in this regard were made merely so that the students can build their careers in the initial stages of adolescence.
The school is named after the name of Sikh woman warrior Mata Bhag Kaur Ji, who, the school management feels should be adopted by Sikhs, particularly the sikh women, not only for her valour but also a committed and a disciplined approach to life. Mata Bhag Kaur Ji wanted to defend an entire way of life that have been created for nearly about 240 years of efforts and sacrifices of Sikh Gurus and their disciples. A life where equality, freedom and Social justice mattered. Mata Bhag Kaur Ji was also known for her qualities of fearlessness and leadership, who by her zeal and passion was able to shook the conscience of 40 deserters, who realized their fault and went to Mukatsar under her leadership to be part of a counted soldiers fighting by the side of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

It is on account of this that a Gurdwara has been established within the campus where continuously Sehaj path is done from the day of installation of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and students are frequently made to visit the Gurdwara and perform various activities including Kirtan and lectures on different occasions and celebrations pertaining to Sikh religion. The activities among others include recitation of Swaiyes from Guru Granth Sahib then the bani namely Sidh Ghosht, on which performance has been given by the students during the two annual functions of the school. The management has also made a new beginning from the year 2018 by providing financial assistance in the form of concession to meritorious students who come from weaker sections. A yearly financial assistance of the amount of Rs. 5.00 lac in the form of concession was given to the students in the year 2018-19 and which has been increased to Rs. 7.00 lac for the session 2019-20, which the management is further hopeful of increasing it as the finances of the management may permit.

In order to make the students professionals, the management has also opened Law College by the name of Punjab College of Law within the same campus so that professionals in the field of law i.e. public prosecutors and judges can be produced with a ‘Sikh-way-of-life’ influencing their actions as professionals.

As said above it is with open mind that Sikh Educational Forum Tarn Taran (SEFTT) invites like-minded Sikhs from all over the world to be part of this initiative.