M.B. International Public School



  • The Admission to classes (I-IX) will be based on merit through entrance test. XI will be based on merit, overall performance of the student in academics, co-curricular activities and general conduct of the child.
  • The Principal reserves the right to accept or refuse any child who seeks admission to the school.
  • No student will be admitted to this school unless his/her parents or guardian submits Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  • At the time of Registration of a child his/her Parent is required to submit at the school office an Attested Photocopy of the Birth Certificate. The date of Birth, certified to be correct at the time of admission will not be altered at any account.
  • Parents who wish to withdraw their child must notify the Principal in writing the withdrawal of the child.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss those students who conduct harmful activities in the school, any objectionable activity inside or outside the school, rude behavior, bullying or create any violence during school hours or damage to school property is sufficient reason for immediate suspension.
  • If student remains absent from school for more than 10 days without sanction leave or any written notice his/her name will be automatically struck off from the school record. In case you wish to re-join again, it will be granted on written assurance that the same will not be repeated. He/She will be written explanation with proper reason of absence along with fine decided by the Principal.
Class Admission Fee
Nursery – UKG 8,000
1st- 5th 10,000
6th- 9th 12,000
+1 class 16000
Tuition Fee
Class Tuition Fee
Nursery, LKG 1600/Month
UKG, 1st 1520/Month
2nd, 3rd 1350/Month
4th, to 8th 1490/Month
9th, 10th 1600/Month
XI [I.S.C.] 3500/Month
XII [I.S.C.] 3500/Month